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JAQ Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography- Jesus and the Qur’an

(*High Recommendation)

Recommended Articles

*Brown, Rick.
2007 “Biblical Muslims.”  International Journal of Frontier Missions, vol. 24:2 Spring, 65-72.

*Jameson, Richard and Nick Scalevich.
2000 “First-Century Jews and Twentieth-Century Muslims.” International Journal of Frontier Missions, vol. 17:1 Spring, 33-39.

Compares the modern trend of Muslim followers of Isa to the first-century Jews who also put their trust in the Messiah.

Saeed, Abdullah
2002 “The Charge of Distortion of Jewish and Christian Scriptures.” The Muslim World, vol. 92:3-4 Fall, 419-436.

An enlightening history of the Muslim charge of corruption brought against the Bible.

Travis, John.
2000 “Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa.” International Journal of Frontier Missions, vol. 17:1 Spring, 53-59.

A key piece in the contextualization conversation, includes several case studies of Muslim followers of Isa.

Qur’an Translations

*Arberry A.J.
1996 The Koran Interpreted – A Translation. New York: Touchstone – Simon & Schuster.

Archaic language but perhaps the most accurate of the translations; Arberry strives to maintain the poetic nature of the Qur’anic verse.

Dawood, N.J.

2003 The Koran – Translated with Notes. London: Penguin Classics.

Preserves the accurate Arabic meanings in several key areas, including Sura 3.55.

Haleem, Abdel
2005 The Qur’an. New York: Oxford University Press.

Very readable; in translation style akin to the New Living Translation of the Bible.

Islamic-Christian Studies

Accad, Fouad Elias
1997 Building Bridges – Christianity and Islam. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress.

Written by a Lebanese pastor who devoted his life to connecting with his Muslim countrymen, this book provides several useful      thoughts for dialogue.  A useful introduction to the conversational approach.

Chandler, Paul-Gordon
2007 Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road – Exploring a New Path between Two
Faiths. Lanham, MD: Cowley Publications.

An interesting investigation of the relationship between Islam and Christianity as seen through the examples of the life of Syrian novelist Mazhar Mallouhi, a self-described “Sufi Muslim follower of Christ.”

Cragg, Kenneth
1985 Jesus and the Muslim—An Exploration.  Oxford: OneWorld Publications.

Ibn Isma’il, Adan
2006 The Belief of Isma’il. Minneapolis, MN: Isma’il Books.

Written as a dialogue between two Muslim friends who are discussing the role of Jesus in the Qur’an.  An excellent tool to share with your Muslim friends.

Kateregga, Badru D. and Shenk, David W.
1997 A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press.

Kateregga, a Muslim, and Shenk, a Christian, give a helpful exploration of key points of difference and agreement between Islam and Christianity.

*Medearis, Carl
2008 Muslims, Christians, and Jesus. Minneapolis, MN: BethanyHouse.

This book is a great place to start—clear, informative, and compassionate.  Also includes a number of excellent firsthand stories of conversations and encounters with Muslim friends.

Moucarry, Chawkat
2002 The Prophet and the Messiah: An Arab Christian’s Perspective on Islam and Christianity. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

*Parrinder, Geoffrey
1965 Jesus in the Qur’an. New York: Oxford University Press.

Robinson, Neal
1991 Christ in Islam and Christianity. New York: Suny Press. (Hard to find)

Zwemer, Samuel M.
1912 The Moslem Christ – An Essay on the Life, Character, and Teachings of Jesus Christ According to the Koran and Orthodox     Traditions. New York: American Tract Society.

The Kingdom of God

*Jones, E. Stanley
1972 The Unshakable Kingdom and the Unchanging Person. Bellingham, WA: McNett Press.

This book is the readable and incredibly powerful culmination—Jones wrote the book at age     87—of a life spent teaching and living out the Kingdom of God as revealed in Scripture.  A     must-read.

*Willard, Dallas
1998 The Divine Conspiracy. San Francisco, CA: HarperSanFrancisco.

A brilliant exposition of the Sermon on the Mount and its implications for Kingdom discipleship.

Wright, N. T.
2006 Simply Christian. San Francisco, CA: HarperSanFrancisco.

Middle Eastern Studies

*Aslan, Reza
2006 No god but God. New York, NY: Random House.

A readable but scholarly account of the origins of Islam, the life of Muhammad (pbuh), and their implications for modern Islam.

*Chapman, Colin
2002    Whose Promised Land?  Grand Rapids MI: Baker Books.

This is a fresh, comprehensive biblical and historical investigation of the issues related to the land of Israel and the people of Palestine.

Fisk, Robert
2007    The Great War for Civilization: The Conquest of the Middle East. New York: Vintage.

Fisk, a longtime British correspondent, writes an engaging, firsthand account of most of the Middle Eastern conflicts that have occurred during the last 50 years.  To understand the region, a must-read.

Friedman, Thomas L.
1995 From Beirut to Jerusalem. New York: Anchor Books.

An enjoyable, exciting introduction to modern Israel, Lebanon and the conflict between them.

Maalouf, Tony
2003 Arabs in the Shadow of Israel – The Unfolding of God’s Prophetic Plan for Ishmael’s
Line. Grand Rapids MI: Kregel Academic and Professional.

Develops more fully the history of Ishmael’s line and its role in the biblical plans of God.

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