About JAQ


Our Doctrinal Foundation

While we are happy to discuss any aspect of our beliefs, we would like to make sure the following three core beliefs are clearly stated:

1. We believe that the Bible is the unique, inerrant, inspired Word of God (2 Ti. 3:16-17, Heb. 4:12-13). Everything the Bible says about itself we embrace wholeheartedly. Our approach to the Muslim world is formed completely upon our understanding of the message and methodology we read in the Scriptures.

2. We believe that man’s natural condition is sinful and, therefore, new birth is necessary (Jn. 3:5, Ro. 3:23-24, Eph. 2:1-7). The Bible clearly teaches that the disobedience and shame of every individual creates an eternal separation from the holy presence of God.

3. We believe Jesus is the only way to salvation (Jn. 10:9-17, 14:6, Ac. 4:12, 1 Co. 2:2). We strongly affirm (and have based our lives upon) all that the Bible says about Jesus’ origin, life, death, resurrection, and nature. He is the True King, and only through Him can lasting peace be made.

Our Approach

History has taught us that prejudice, fear, bombs, bullets and blood cannot achieve lasting peace. Instead, the Bible clearly indicates that Jesus is the message–he is our peace (Eph. 2:14). But he is also the method of making peace. We must learn to live and communicate according to his way (Jn. 20:21). Similarly, we look to the methods of Paul in the early church not just as a description but also as a prescription for us as we look to announce the Kingdom across cultures (1 Co. 9:19-23, 7:17). Finally, as we aim to walk in Jesus’ way and follow Paul’s method, we know that there is never a reason to be rude (1 Pt. 2:17). Of course, the message of the Gospel can be offensive to some. But as we talk about this pure Gospel of Jesus with our Muslim friends, we never want to add to its offense by mixing in any unbiblical traditions, culture-specific terminology, or pre-existing prejudice.

We believe that Jesus and His Kingdom truly are Good News when proclaimed clearly, and we believe that through him a generation marked by peace between Muslims and Christians will come.

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