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The roots of Jesus and the Qur’an (JAQ) go back to September 11, 2001, when the collapse of the World Trade Center awakened us to the existence of the Muslim world and the importance of learning how to engage it well.  Immediately after the attacks in New York, Grace Fellowship Church sent a team to Manhattan to serve and minister, and there, in the midst of the smoldering rubble, our Senior Pastor Buddy Hoffman knelt and prayed very simply, “God, if you can use a local church in Snellville, Georgia, in all of this, we’re in.”


One of our first trainings at Grace Fellowship, 2007.

Since that time, we have actively sought ways to engage the Muslim world in productive conversation about faith.  As we learned both from the Scriptures and from those with far more experience, we recognized the need to begin sharing our discoveries with our own congregation, and so our training was born. Soon, however, we began to receive requests to train in other communities around the country.  Now, our primary goal is to help local churches engage their Muslim neighbors.  With that said, though, people from all different backgrounds (including Muslim) regularly attend our training and generally receive it quite well.

Today, we remain closely connected to Grace Fellowship Church.


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