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2019 EPIC Trip: Israel & Palestine

WHO CAN BRING TRUE PEACE? For thousands of years, this great question has risen from the heart of the Holy Land. Countless soldiers, politicians, rabbis, imams, and priests have put forward their plans and solutions, yet the region remains as volatile as ever. The Bible teaches that only God’s true Messiah, Jesus, can change hearts […]

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All Qur’anic Passages about Jesus

In Mark 8:29, Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” That question was, and still is, the most important question all men everywhere must consider.  It is the question every Jew must ask of the Torah.  It is the question every reader of the New Testament must ask of the Gospels.  […]

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VIDEO: Muslim Followers of Christ

Following Jesus from The Global Conversation on Vimeo. This video contains the fascinating testimony of two Muslims who follow Jesus.  For more information, go to the Christianity Today global conversation article here.

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JAQ Workbook Answer Key (4.1.11)

So here they are–all the blanks you might have missed during JAQ because we talked too fast, we forgot to mention them, or we were just so jaw-droppingly compelling that you dropped your pen. Most likely it was one of the first two.  Enjoy. p. 8-9 See p. 60 of the workbook for Kingdom in […]

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Kingdom Circles

How can we radically change the conversation between Islam and Christianity? It’s actually pretty simple.  And it’s nothing new–Jesus did the exact same thing 2,000 years ago.  In John 4, the Samaritan woman at the well recognized Jesus as a prophet and immediately wanted to ask Jesus a religious question: “Where should we worship God?  […]

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